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These days digitalization is not questionable.

For your organization IT can make a difference FROM unproductive and slow TO efficient and recognized.

With us, you make a difference!

We are a consulting and IT company providing our customers guidance from idea to final digital solution based on actual needs and available resources.

Our main power are our experts proven in defense and civil sector in fields of aeronautics and IT. They will provide you best experience during the transformation and integration processes.

Transforming your threats into opportunities and weaknesses to strengths, we will help you to build your organization as accessible, visible, efficient and reliable partner.


IT solutions

Ready for the future

The modular design of the system architecture gives the customer a tailored-made solution based on their actual needs and national specifics and differences.


Available as a web platform on current browsers (optimized for Chrome) and via iOS and Android mobile platforms to enhance the availability of the product and the experience of end users.


B2B compatibility with other external system (ASM, AIS, MET, ATM, Detection systems, etc.) through various exchange standards.


The system is compliant with:

  • FUA: (EU) 2150/2005
  • Drone: (EU) 2019/947, 2019/945, 2021/664, 2021/665, 2021/666
  • GDPR.

Developed according to high SMS, PMS, SWAL standards and practices.